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I started making the FightNGear holster because I believe a holster should be durable, comfortable, functional, affordable and available.  I was sick of holsters that cost almost a hundred bucks and took months to get.  I wanted an inside the waistband holster because I think that is the safest and most practical way to carry a concealed firearm. 
The FightNGear Insider holster is designed to be worn daily.  My custom inside the waistband holsters are built to last a lifetime with premium leather backings, steel clips and top quality Kydex.  My holsters are built without unnecessary features that add to the cost and create weak points.  The FightNGear Insider holster is a simple well built inside the waistband holster at a great price.
I spent over two years designing my holster.  I designed, redesigned and redesigned again until I had it right.  I combined extensive testing with constant feedback from knowledgeable CCW permit holders.  I did not stop until I was 100% satisfied with the comfort, durability and function of my holsters.  Only then did I begin selling to the public.  If I wouldn't wear it, why would I sell it?  The FightNGear holster is like no other holster on the market.     
People think all Kydex hybrid holsters are the same.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The FightNGear IWB holster is not just another copy of holsters already on the market.  I have spent countless hours on the shape and design to get the FightNGear Insider holster comfortable yet readily accessible.  I have removed the unnecessary screws, washers, nuts and extra holes to keep the Insider holster simple, reliable and most of all affordable.  Due to the numerous request from customers, I will add the adjustment feature as an option if you want it. 
It is not just the size that makes an inside the waistband holster comfortable.  It is the shape, angle, ride height and several other factors combined.  The FightNGear Insider holster is big enough to be comfortable all day, but it is not too big.  I have seen some inside the waistband holsters on You Tube that look like satellite dishes.  I can't imagine wearing one of those all day.  My goal is to sell you a holster you will wear, not just throw in a drawer.  

Current Lead Time
IWB Holster 3-5 Days
Belts 5-7 Days
Pocket Holsters 3-5 Days
Custom Work Varies By Job